Low Carbon Development

As the country rebuilds itself for the next economic cycle, the challenge of resource depletion is now one of the greatest challenges facing the UK.

From being a specialist, sideline consideration just a decade or two ago, the finite supply of fossil based energy and resource availability has now taken centre stage as perhaps the most pressing item on the agenda for those at forefront of the development industry.

Low carbon development is now at the heart of good building practice. Not just that, it’s at the heart of long term National and European Policy to arrest and perhaps reverse the effects of excessive energy consumption and climate change.

As a responsible developer, First Industrial is committed to meeting and exceeding its targets at every point in the supply chain and construction process by reducing waste, increasing energy efficiency, lowering levels of embodied carbon, improving systems & procedures and setting minimum standards for all suppliers to follow.

If ever there was an issue that has fundamentally altered the priorities and practices of the building industry, it’s the Government’s drive towards a low carbon economy

Fergie Taylor, Head of Project Delivery, First Industrial